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Yuba Salmon Now Campaign Plan front page Dear Friends,

I grew up on the Yuba River but until I joined SYRCL I didn’t know that wild salmon once returned to all three forks of the Yuba. Sadly, these magnificent fish are now in jeopardy of extinction. Before the dams were put in, as many as 300,000 wild salmon returned to the Yuba. Today, the numbers are as few as 8,000 – often much less.

You may know that SYRCL has led the effort to restore wild salmon to their ancestral waters – inspiring the community to call back the salmon through ceremony and celebration, litigation and advocacy since the late 1990s.

As a result, SYRCL’s Yuba Salmon Now campaign is at a critical juncture – where actions taken in the next 12-36 months could literally get salmon off the path to extinction and on the road to recovery – from the summit to the sea.

The time to take action is now. We ask for your financial help to fund the Yuba Salmon Now campaign because we are at a confluence of regulatory proceedings, legal action, and growing recognition that healthy salmon populations are important to our economy and culture.

Salmon experts agree that the Yuba River is considered one of the best opportunities to restore wild salmon in California.

We know that to be successful, the Yuba Salmon Now campaign must expand and engage the community – we must strengthen and forge powerful partnerships. Together, we must build a movement for wild salmon.

Please take a look at the enclosed Yuba Salmon Now campaign plan, which details our accomplishments and lays out our strategy to restore salmon habitat in the lower Yuba River and ultimately get salmon past Englebright Dam into the upper Yuba.

This is a historic opportunity. Salmon have never been restored to any Sierra headwaters since dams blocked their passage on every river nearly a century ago. This is no doubt a big undertaking, but it can be done.

For the Yuba,




Caleb Dardick

Executive Director


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